Special Announcement: New SWHC Merchandise!

We are launching our new merchandise website today! You can now buy the official SWHC logo gear you’ve always wanted, and 20% of your purchase goes directly to the club. Get a sweatshirt, mug, tank top, t-shirt, or even an apron and a phone case! Items for kids, babies, and men are also available.
Note that you can choose from a variety of items via the drop-down menus.
You can also change the type/color of the item, color/placement of our logo within the site by clicking on an item and clicking on the “Adjust design or choose different product” bubble. This will take you to a second page that allows almost any modifications to make your apparel just for your liking!
Lastly, make sure to use the code “welcome-100244907” for 15% off if you order in the first 14 days (February 1st – February 13th 11:59 PM). This code can also be found by clicking the drop-down arrow next to “Redeem”.
This is a great way to promote/support the club, AND get yourself some cool new clothes – happy shopping!